All’s well that starts badly

A comedy by Jean-Pierre Martinez

Translation by the author

This version has been written for one man and four women but by changing a few lines and the names of some characters, it can be adapted to fit a variety of genders. Other possible castings for this play include: 5 women,
2 men and 3 women, 3 men and 2 women.

Alice and Luke have been waiting for years to adopt a baby. Finally, the big day has arrived. The social worker from the Child Welfare agency is expected any minute for a final visit to assess the stability of their relationship, their motivation to adopt, and the child’s future living conditions. But disaster strikes as Alex isn’t home which risks jeopardising everything. Fred must find a way to handle this delicate situation, made worse by a sudden plumbing emergency. Unless the arrival of the plumber provides part of the solution …

This text is available to read for free. However, an authorization is required from the author prior to any public performance, whether by professional or amateur companies. To get in touch with Jean-Pierre Martinez and ask an authorization to represent one of his works CONTACT FORM