Check to the kings

A comedy by Jean-Pierre Martinez

English translation by the author

8 characters : 6M/2F, 5M/3F, 4M/4F, 3M/5F, 6F/2M

Politics often resembles a ruthless game of chess, devoid of moral considerations. Whether playing as the white or black pieces, the ultimate goal for each side is to conquer and eliminate the other, leaving only a solitary king on the board. This absurd game concludes with the opponent’s defeat, bringing the entire game to an end, only to set the stage for a potential rematch. Such is the theme explored in this dark comedy, where the king, queen, and their conniving contenders spare no pawns in their quest for victory. It serves as a tragicomic portrayal of the excesses that those infected with the political virus can indulge in…

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