Is there a critic in the audience?

A comedy by Jean-Pierre Martinez

Translation by the author

Fred and Sam have always dreamed of participating in the Avignon Festival, and finally, that dream has come true. But in Avignon, dreams can easily turn into nightmares. Right after the first performance, a harsh review discourages the audience from attending this already troubled show. Facing impending disaster, these two endearing underdogs make a daring choice – one that involves great risk.
This play is a tribute to all those actors who toil in obscurity, yearning for a glimpse of the limelight, while also celebrating the remarkable power of passion that can elevate even the most profound failures into something extraordinary.

This text is available to read for free. However, an authorization is required from the author prior to any public performance, whether by professional or amateur companies. To get in touch with Jean-Pierre Martinez and ask an authorization to represent one of his works CONTACT FORM