Miracle at Saint Mary Juana Abbey

A comedy by Jean-Pierre Martinez

English translation by the author

11 to 14 characters (males and/or females)

11 : 8M/3F, 7M/4F, 6M/5F, 5M/6F, 4M/7F, 3M/8F, 2M/9F, 1M/10F, 11F
12 : 8M/4F, 7M/5F, 6M/6F, 5M/7F, 4M/8F, 3M/9F, 2M/10F, 1M/11F, 12F
13 : 8M/5F, 7M/6F, 6M/7F, 5M/8F, MH/9F, 3M/10F, 2M/11F, 1M/12F, 13F
14 : 2M/12F, 3M/11F, 4M/10F, 5M/9F, 6M/8F, 7M/7F, 8M/6F

The abbey’s gift shop, which funds the nuns’ charity work, is seeing a decline in sales: the abbey’s famous Saint Mary Juana’s Holy Elixir, a concoction claiming to cure all ailments, is no longer a best seller. That is, until an enterprising nun decides to improve the recipe with a mysterious plant. The potion’s renewed success is incredible. Could it be Saint Mary Juana’s latest miracle?

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