Music does not always soothe the savage beasts

A comedy by Jean-Pierre Martinez

English translation by the author

14 to 17 actors or actresses

14 actors: 9M/5F, 8M/6F, 7M/7F, 6M/8F
15 actors: 10M/5F, 9M/6F, 8M/7F, 7M/8F, 6M/9F
16 actors: 11M/5F, 10M/6F, 9M/7F, 8M/8F, 7M/9F
17 actors: 11M/6F, 10M/7F, 9M/8F, 8M/9F, 7M/10F, 6M/11F

Mr. and Mrs. Camembert have just bought the dilapidated castle of Moulinrouge, and they have invited the local high society for a dinner concert. They hope this will gain them admission as members of the town’s highly exclusive Philanthropic Club. But soon, the pianist’s head appears floating in the pool. And to think we’re barely at the appetisers..

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