The performance is not cancelled

A comedy by Jean-Pierre Martinez

English translation by the author

8 characters : 1M/7F, 2M/6F, 3M/5F, 4M/4F, 5M/3F, 6M/ 2F, 7M/1F

The performers of a failing theatre company are minutes away from taking the stage to perform a play about Molière’s last hours. But nothing is ready and more problems keep coming. And then the box office takings disappear … Should they cancel the performance, putting the final nail in the coffin of their theatre company already on the brink of bankruptcy? Or should they carry on with the play, no matter what?

This text is available to read for free. However, an authorisation is required from the author prior to any public performance, whether by professional or amateur companies. To get in touch with Jean-Pierre Martinez and ask an authorisation to represent one of his works CONTACT FORM