A comedy by Jean-Pierre Martinez

English translation by Alexandra Tomko

Since his first novel was published and won the Goncourt Prize, Alexander has enjoyed a reputation as a successful author, and is reaping the benefits. He is expected at the Ministry of Culture to be awarded with the insignia of Knight of Arts and Letters. Then, he receives a visit from a stranger who could jeopardize his success…

Victim of plagiarism a few years ago, I personally experienced the agony that an author goes through when his work is taken away by an imposter. After successfully convicting the plagiarist in court, as a form of “therapy,” I decided to turn this unfortunate experience into the subject of a play. However, a theatrical work cannot simply be a complaint, an indictment, or a settling of scores. Following the famous principle of resilience, the goal was to rise above it and convey a more universal message. Refusing to be seen as a victim, I choose the path of comedy to paint a fierce picture of the literary world, with its petty vanities and grand deceptions. If, as Shakespeare said, all the world’s a stage and we each play different roles, are we not all impostors?

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