COVID 19, health crisis, state of emergency

Who could have believed just a few years ago that we would come to this point, and so quickly? The entirely unprecedented situation in which we have all been immersed for many months leads us to reflect more broadly on the world in which we live, on the political class that governs us, and, since democracy has not yet entirely succumbed to the security virus, on our own responsibility for having brought them to power and keeping them there.

Can we truly rely entirely on absurd governors and administrations to lead our fear-stricken society toward healing? This health crisis has undoubtedly raised, above all, questions about the limits of the principle of delegation of power in our democracy. In the United States as in France, entrusting one’s destiny once every four or five years to a King Ubu, is that really what democracy is?

Far from all conspiracy theories, which ultimately only serve to reinforce the engaged citizen that we should be in a passive spectator role, these four pieces primarily aim to open a debate, always with a touch of humor. The role of the theater is to ask the right questions, not to provide answers that each person should find for themselves, before attempting to implement them together.


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