King of fools

A comedy by Jean-Pierre Martinez

Translation by the author

This version has been written for 3 man and 3 women but several roles can be played by men or women. Other possible castings for this play include: 5M/1W, 4M/2W, 3M/3W, 2M/4W, 1M/5W

As the presidential election approaches, a party plummeting in the polls selects a designated fool to represent them, taking on the responsibility for the impending disaster. Simultaneously, they secretly promote an outsider candidate for their supporters to rally behind after their victory. However, the fool turns out to be unpredictable… and so do the voters.

This text is available to read for free. However, an authorization is required from the author prior to any public performance, whether by professional or amateur companies. To get in touch with Jean-Pierre Martinez and ask an authorization to represent one of his works CONTACT FORM